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We are offering our clients a wide assortment of Preset Counters, which is developed using optimum quality material and ultramodern technology. Our products are designed to meet with international quality standards & norms, and are widely used in various industries. In addition to this, our range is available in various models along with different specifications at market leading prices.

Specification of Preset Counters
  • Range : 4 digits and 6 digits.
  • Setting : By Thumbwheel Switches.
  • Sensor and Sensing Method :
    a. NO/NC contact : a. 230V AC Pulse through these contact.
    b. D.C. Inductive : b One M S Projection of 20mm x 30mm on rotating Proximity Switch. shaft. Sensor to give one pulse per rotation.
    c. Infrared Sensor : c. One disk with one hole at peripheral to rotate in sensor gap of 10mm.
  • Maximum Speed of Sensing : By method ‘a’ – 10 pulse/second, by method ‘b’ 100 pulse/second, by method ‘c’ 1000 pulse/second.
  • Memory : Nonvolatile memory.
  • Counting Type : Up Counting.
    a. Standard – By Front Reset Switch. Normal operation and it is standard feature. Press this switch after any change of thumbwheel value.
    b. Option I - Auto Reset – Relay will be ON after set value is reached & will remain ON for approx. Two seconds & then again it will be OFF & counter will reset to zero.
    c. Option II - External Reset – A potential free contact or 230 V pulse on this Input will reset the counter to zero. Counter will remain reset as long as this contact is closed.
  • Control Action : Preset Counter will count up for each input pulse once set value is reached counting will stop and relay will energise. Relay will dienergise when counter is reset by methods a, b, or c as given above.
  • Control Output : One Relay contact NO/C/NC rated at 3A/230V AC resistive.
  • Power : i) 230 VAC +- 10%, 50Hz. Single phase. ii) +24 VDC/500mA
  • Size : (i) Overall 96mm x 96mm Cutout – 90mm x 90mm.
    (ii) Overall 72mm x 72mm Cutout – 69mm x 69mm.

Ordering Information : Please specify the followings :
  • Range : 4 Digits Or 6 Digits
  • Input Pulse : 230V AC pulse, D.C. Inductive Proximity Switch, or Infrared Sensor
  • Size : 96 mm x 96 mm or 72 mm x 72 mm.
  • Supply : 230 VAC, OR + 24 DC.
  • Options : Battery Back-up, Auto Reset or External Reset.
NOTE :- Gear wheel or disk or projections are not in our scope of supply.

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