Instrumentation in manufacturing is the science of control and measurement of process variables within a production area or any other domain. The choice of instruments among industries commonly depends upon the quality, based on the accuracy in performance of the products. Implementation of technology and concept of innovation with expertise are all that is required to develop a range of PLC and Process Control Instruments; that we, EMC Automation Pvt. Ltd., have in abundance. Technology orientation in processes and workings, allows us to manufacture a range of products, comprising Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Counters (Preset or Universal), Temperature Controller, and more. Experience of 30 years in our profile gives an edge to establish ourselves among manufacturers, exporters, and traders in the industry.

An Insight of Our Resources
Availability of resources is a primary factor in contributing the development of a product range that is superior, sophisticatedly constructed, durable, assure high performance, and low on maintenance. Our resources is massive, enabling us in consistent product innovation and development. A list of resources that support us for the same is as follows:
  • Structural excellence
  • Proficient engineers and technicians having both experience and expertise
  • Management
  • Network with resourceful vendors
  • Updated technology and implementation of latest techniques

Our Core Specialization
Discover the magnificence of technology and expertise with high precision process control instruments. We deliver customized solution for PLC and Process Control Instruments and product life cycle maintenance. With the line of high performing products, we support ambitious manufacturers to grow with accuracy and reliable results. We, EMC Automation Pvt. Ltd., provide a comprehensive array of automation products, specifically:

Programmable Logic Controller: Designed in response to Automotive Manufacturing Industry, our PLC Products are highly advance, the most suitable for factory assembly line, light fixtures, amusement rides, and more. Multiple input and output arrangements, resistance to impact and vibration, extended temperature ranges, and immunity electrical noise are some of its features.

Temperature Controller: Cutting-edge technology make our temperature controllers accepts even sensitive temperature like RTD or thermocouple. Acute attention has been given by engineers and technicians on sensors and input & output device.

Digital Counter: It acutely corresponds to various pulses associated with its input. Our Digital Counters are designed to meet the needs of advance electronic equipment, mostly that is digitally controlled or consists digital numeric displays.

Packaging & Pricing
Products well packed as per the market standards to make zero loss during transportation in national and international countries. Packaging materials are selected from the best vendors of the markets and packing is done by the experts. Developing a cost-effective product range is a daunting task. It requires a blend of in-depth market association and advance infrastructure. We have the both that enable us to produce a qualitative range of products in standard and non-standard sizes. Furthermore, we play a major role in price control mechanism of the market, that helps us to keep the product price fairly low.

Market Association
We have made a name for ourselves by offering competitive benefits to the customers with increased profitability. We share a great bond with our vendors and customers that helps us to make a consistent demand and supply chain. The chain is the result of ethical business dealings and transparency in all the business policies. We make sure to create maximum benefit criteria for the clients thereby developing excellent business relationship with customers and our vendors, the relationship that is both strong and reliable to enjoy growth and prosperity together. Our association with vendors allows to draw premium raw material, which serve as the base of our products, which is further treated by our engineers and cutting-edge technology. The outcome is highly advance range of products that attends the needs of customers.

Customers' Demands
Customers' demands are always kept at priority. We make sure that each client is served on one to one basis. Acute attention is given on their demands related to products' specifications, price, dealing process, and shipment. Also, we attend the customers of various sectors; some of those sectors are as follows:
  • Packing machines
  • Filling machines
  • Printing machines
  • Textile
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Industrial automation
  • Blow moulding machines
  • Pharmaceutical machines
  • Plastic industry
  • Iron and steel Industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Material handling machines, etc.

Contact Details


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